Education in Indonesia is currently faced with the Covid-19 pandemic which was previously unpredictable. In this pandemic period, government policy related to social restrictions greatly affects the learning process, especially in basic education. Children as part of the nation’s generation must still receive education in any condition. Various things have been done so that the educational process can continue even though it is not through face to face learning. Here the role of schools and teachers is very important so that the learning process continues. Change in learning both offline and online need to be done in order to keep the nation’s generation from getting educational services, especially in building a healthy and strong personality. Technology and cultural transformation in the learning process plays a very important role in maintaining the continuity of education and building a strong generation.

In 3rd ICONECT, the theme is Education in the Technological and Cultural Transformation to Build Tough Generation. This is strengthened by the sub-theme of the keynote speakers regarding: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Basic Education Learning during the Corona Pandemic (Prof. Aurora Adina Colomeischi Ph.D), The Development of Entrepreneurship in Learning and Education (Prof. Madya. Dr. Ramlee bin Ismail), and The Role of Literation in building Tough Generation during the Corona pandemic (Dr. Murtono, M.Pd)